Palmers Green, London
In collaboration with Art Guard The Saturday Museum ran an experiment into how we could turn ex Greek Cypriot working man’s club (Varosi) in Palmers Green into a place to play.

Abella & Abigail


ongoing- 2017 Please drop off your broken, unwanted, spare, surplus chairs to the chair garage to be transformed by George. If you would like to support Varosi you can take a chair home for a donation of £30.

05/04/17 Our friend Michael Sionis has kindly loaned us a couple of his beautiful lights. Made from Kalambash, none edible natural cells. They are not gourds but something more like bamboo.

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24/03/17 #piecesoflandscape workshop with British Council fellows.

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17/02/17 Alaena Turner and Gary Woodley  kindly loaned us their beautiful experimental mobile kitchen.  We hosted a Yellow themed dinner; the cook’s were Lucy, George, Rachel & Spiros; on the Menu was Melon, Pasta and Pancakes.

21/01/12 Bring a chair Saturday thank you Barnet recycling centre for the accidental pallet; Hugh at The Green Rooms for the loan of the decks; Angelos and Phillip for Spinning Greek records; Jess for taking portraits and all the people (many of them in green) who popped by to say hello.


16/01/07 A message on a snooker chalk. Thinking about how Varosi can be for world wide use.


09/12/17  Wishing on the penny that is glued to the bar.

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19/12/16 These Photographs were kindly taken for us by Zoe Maxwell even without any electricity.


14/12/16 A sign! On our first visit to Varosi we found £20 on the floor.