Palmers Green, London
In collaboration with Art Guard The Saturday Museum is running an experiment into how we can turn ex Greek Cypriot working man’s club (Varosi) in Palmers Green into a place to play.

Abella & Abigail


ongoing- 2017 Please drop off your broken, unwanted, spare, surplus chairs to the chair garage to be transformed by George. If you would like to support Varosi you can take a chair home for a donation of £30.

05/04/17 Our friend Michael Sionis has kindly loaned us a couple of his beautiful lights. Made from Kalambash, none edible natural cells. They are not gourds but something more like bamboo.

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24/03/17 #piecesoflandscape workshop with British Council fellows.


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17/02/17 Alaena Turner and Gary Woodley  kindly loaned us their beautiful experimental mobile kitchen.  We hosted a Yellow themed dinner; the cook’s were Lucy, George, Rachel & Spiros; on the Menu was Melon, Pasta and Pancakes.


21/01/12 Bring a chair Saturday thank you Barnet recycling centre for the accidental pallet; Hugh at The Green Rooms for the loan of the decks; Angelos and Phillip for Spinning Greek records; Jess for taking portraits and all the people (many of them in green) who popped by to say hello.


16/01/07 A message on a snooker chalk. Thinking about how Varosi can be for world wide use.


09/12/17  Wishing on the penny that is glued to the bar.


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19/12/16 These Photographs were kindly taken for us by Zoe Maxwell even without any electricity.


14/12/16 A sign! On our first visit to Varosi we found £20 on the floor.