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11/04/19 #flowspiral #communaldinner at Rochester Square
Fasolada, Feta, Anchovies, Olives, Bread Hands, Spiralled Apples, Liquorice Wheels
Guests approx 45 (TSM- Ivan, Anna, Tim, Emma, Tara, Dan, Mark, Hari)

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24/06/17 Archaeoacoustics, playing records on pottery wheels with £5 notes at part of Re- creation at Rochester Square

Spiral book
25/03/17 Pages Spreads and Books with @anavicente & @richards_ivan

25/03/17  A Spiral Jam with Tara Franks, Filipe Sousa and Kate Smith.
Spiral films by Simona Sarafudinova, Hari Marini, Lucy Steggals and the Video at Varosi group.

18/03/17 Video in a day Session run by Jack Wormwell and Andy Sowerby from
Brand New Blinkers
Varosity & Elastic Band, Tyre, Pole, Roll
By Niki Berkou, Jack Wormell, Tim Knights, Mihalis Sionis, George Moustakas, Lucy Steggals and Andy Sowerby.

11/03/17 Spiral Pen