During 2017/18 We are hosting 8 Octopoda lunches in 8 places that are connected to 8 in Europe.

“If you have an octopus in any new situation, the first thing it does is it explores” Jennifer Mather

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06/08/17 Octopoda Jam 2, Thank you to the 8 musician’s, Filipe Sousa, Geoffa Fells, Bob Payne, Nuno Veiga, Preetha Narayanan, Rachael, Mangold, Midori Jaeger and Mārtiņš Baumanis who filled the room gradually over the afternoon and to Ivan and Ana for bringing along pieces of a beautiful old organ they found on the street and some foot pumps to play them.


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29/07/17 Octopoda Lunch 1/8 Leeds
Location-  Holbeck Underground Ballroom

Guest’s- Hannah/ Rob/ Ellie/ Frank/ Petula/ Xristina/ Jody/ George/ Lucy

Food- (from Kirkgate Market)-  8x Dressed Crab Claws (Hayes Seafood)/ Vegetable Quiche/ Bread/ Yorkshire Curd Tarts / Wendslydale Cheese/ Tunnocks/ Salad Beetroot & Feta/ Tomato & Avocado

Music- OCTOPODA Geoffa Fells, Kate Smith, Mārtiņš Baumanis, Filipe Sousa, Nuno Veiga

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10/06/17 Octopoda Jam 1 and eight legged things making. Thank you to antiuniversity , our new friends from Brussels, Russia, America and down the road and musicians Filipe Sousa, Geoffa Fells, Kate Smith, Nuno Veiga and Mārtiņš Baumanis.