Papworth Hospital, Cambridgeshire

An experiment working  with staff, patients, visitors, aritst, experts and friends at Papworth Hospital to find playful formulae to re insert the Floral into the Hospital environment.

“The Artist in Residence programme for Papworth Hospital is delivered by Wysing Arts Centre and is part of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus Public Art Strategy led by Futurecity on behalf of Cambridge Medipark Limited.”

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An afternoon with J playing with projectors and lighting gels, using towels, the floor, the blinds, the equipment, the bed and ourselves as screens.
Learning that conkers scare away the spiders and that her favourite flowers are roses, sunflowers, tulips and gladioli preferably in deep pink or blue.

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Portrait Photographs Zoë Maxwell
Portraits Becky Procter, Louise Bardsley, Karen Webster & Karen, Mark Houghton, Carmen Treacy, Craig Mackenzie, Liz Bush.

Floral material gathered from Papworth Hospital Archives and Cambridgeshire Archives

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Humans & Flowers images from Papworth Hospital Archives  & Cambridgeshire Archives

sourceFlower Girl statue in Papworth grounds.

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A Rose and a Smile Cambridgeshire Archives

2009-204.jpgThe Apothecary Papworth Hospital Archives

source (1)Formulary Papworth Hospital Archives