Leipzig, Germany/ Tate Modern London & EMST Athens
Every Autumn from 2015-18 we hosted at Hildergardstra, 49  Leipzig, Germany a light dinner. In 2019 we connected remotely from the Tate Modern. In 2020 we connected from our flats in Athens and London asking people to send us images of their doors.



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06/09/18 Light Dinner IV
This year I arrived with a tiny bamboo light powered by torch light in my suitcase. Fasana took control of the food and taught Julia, I and others how to make delicious Afghan dumplings in towering pots. Ari had ordered in paper pom poms and parasols. The Leipzig Orchestra payed from the balcony, there was much music and mayhem. The evening ended with a Studio Ghibli film projected in the courtyard.

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24/09/17 Light Dinner III
This year we invited people to bring along their own light. We brought with us ‘Lucy’ Light made by Michail Sionis. Thank you Gemma Kauffman for helping make pumpkin and rosemary soup, Achmed for the delicious chicken stew and everyone else at Hilde who helped out.

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01/10/16 Light Dinner II

E&E Light 1 web10/10/2015 Light Dinner I

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